Tuesday, November 15, 2011


In August we went to Lake Powell with friends. When we got back Troy noticed a scaly patch of skin on his face, just below his eye. It also had a larger pore than usual. I made an appointment for him with the dermatologists. In the past, he had had places on his face burned off. This was one of the places. They ended up cutting a piece out and sending it to be biopsied. They found that he had basil cell skin cancer. We found Dr. Summers, a good Dermatologist that specializes in the MOHS technique; that's what they do to remove it. He is the same Dr. who I went to when I was sick, I was getting more and more tan and losing weight. I went to Dr Summers and he took basic blood tests of my thyroid and hormones of the body. They ended up finding the cause after those tests. So I have great respect for him. Anyway! He cut some of the skin around the original hole then put it under a microscope, when they saw that they didn't have all of the cancer they had to cut out more. As you can see it ended up being a large hole. Then they stitched it up and since Troy has oily skin it has healed really well. So my advice is to watch your skin and if you even have a question go to a good dermatologist.

Of course these three pictures are all from the same day. He was supposed to keep the bandage on for a couple of days, but Troy never follows the Dr.'s orders.

Now look how handsome he is!

Monday, June 27, 2011


2 weeks ago Kelise and I bought bikes. We have been wanting them for a few years so we just went and bought them. Layton just finished a walking and riding path. It is so pretty and a really nice path to ride on. Come and join us for a good ride. It goes from Farmington to Roy.

Manti Temple!

On Wed evening Trevor, Jenny, Kelsie, Janessa and I all went down to Manti and saw the Pageant. It was so good and it was great to be together.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Grandpa and Grandma Cox with Jenny at Mother's day dinner.

My Birthday Party at Joe's crab shack.

Kelsie and Bryson's Junior Prom.

Jenny's College graduation.
We're so proud of Jenny. She is the first in our family to graduate from College.

Kelsie being asked to Prom by Bryson Neiderhauser.
Such a cute idea.

Spring Break in St. George. We stayed at Kara and Rob's house.

Tyson's 23rd Birthday

Trevor and Troy's Birthday Parties at the Rife's beautiful Cabin.

Monday, March 14, 2011


This is our trip to Florida for Kelsie's Drill Team Nationals Competition. Of course we had fun too. We stayed at the Disney Sports housing. We went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM and our favorite Universal Studios where Harry Potter World was.

At The Epcot Center they had all the Disney characters made with plants.
This is Tiger and Me.

This is Universal Studios where we had such fun seeing all the really authentic Harry Potter things.


Butter Beer! It tastes like cream soda with butterscotch and cream.
Troy loved them.

The train that takes them to Hogwarts and it was stationed right at 9 3/4.

Nationals Drill Competition!
The girls did a great job. They danced the best they ever have. They took 1st in Kick, 1st in Military and 3rd in Dance and 3rd in Hip Hop.
They took 1st overall for the category they were in.

They got $1000. for taking 1st.

Celebrating at Dinner after the competition.

The castle at Magic Kingdom. It is beautiful!